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Jun 15, 2016 at 03:40 PM

Performance of multiprovider vs composite provider


Hi All,

We are in BW 7.4 sp 13. What we have noticed is that the query in the multiprovider runs faster compared to the same query rebuilt on composite provider. The query is exactly the same and returns the same number of records,the composite provider uses the same infoproviders( SPOs and cubes total about 20) as the mpro. It is built via the new modeling tools only and has only the Union operation. The query itself is not that complex.

The observation via RSRT is that, the DB time is always more in comp prov. Both queries use execution mode 3. The multiproivder seems to perform select from all the individual infoproviders parallelly whereas the composite provider seems to cluster these 20 infoproviders into 4 parallel processes as shown in the access counter field.

We are also able to observe 20+ dialog processes in sm50 that perform database procedure execution when the query on the multiprovider is executed and 4 dialog processes for the other query which seems to confirm the above behavior.

The composite provider does not seem to utilize the maximum allowable QUERY_MAX_WP_DIAG value in RSADMIN whereas the multiprovider seems to do so which seems to result in much better DataManager event 9000 performance. Has any one observed such a behavior. Any pointers to make the query on the composite provider perform atleast as better as its multiprovider counterpart.