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Jun 15, 2016 at 02:27 PM

Parallel Massinsert SAP HANA - Using UPSERT / Avoidance of Locks



The problem:

Parallel Massinsert in a table, the same key can show up in multiple threads.

We did this in the past via ABAP and Open SQL, the database did detect a dead lock (understandeble) and

terminated the execution. The solution was to clean up the data, so that parallel threads dealt with disjunct data.

The cleanup involves locking a central table.

My question now: Is it possible to use the UPSERT statement to figure out, which primary keys are already in the

table, and which get newly inserted? Without requiring to set a global lock?

The main part of the primary key is a string value, ..., but fixed length char with a sufficient large length will be possible.

With kind regards

Uwe Gebhardt