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Jun 15, 2016 at 12:52 PM

Show all values in table regardless of count



I need to show rows for all values, regardless of count. The table is straightforward. This is what I need it to display:

Value Count

Value 1 2

Value 2 3

Value 3 1

Value 4 0

I cannot get Value 4 to display. Value 4 has no items associated with it in the report, so I'm assuming it would be 'null', but I need it to display as 0.

I've selected the following options on format table:

"show rows with empty measure values"

"show rows for which all measure values = 0"

"show rows for which the sum of measure vallues = 0"

I've also included all values in an advanced sort

When I do a separate count on the value and display I get "Multivalue". Here is the formula =If ([Value]="Value 4";1;0)

Neither of these options worked. Thank you in advance for your assistance.