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Jun 15, 2016 at 11:59 AM

Back flush issue for process order



A component (C1) is a back flushed item in the process order and is also set for 'net id' check with a component scrap of 10% in the BOM (no operation scrap is specified either in the BOM or recipe). The process order has an assembly scrap of 10%. I create a process order for 100 EA, the requirement qty for the component C1 in the order is 110 EA (1 EA finished product requires 1 EA C1), which is exactly what we want. However, when we do confirmation for the process order for 100 EA and a scrap of 10 EA, the back flushed qty for C1 is posted as 110 +10 = 120 EA. My scrap is for the finished product and physically I still consume only 110 EA of C1 for producing 100 EA of the finished product with10 EA scrap. My question is, why is SAP back flushing 120 EA of component C1 and not 110 EA? How do I correct this issue? I want the system to back flush only 110 EA of C1.

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.