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Jun 15, 2016 at 12:22 PM

F110 Proposal list error logs GGB0 had a validation reason code can not empty


I create Validations in document line

reason code can not empty other message reason code can not empty(行项目原因代码不能为空) error message,and when i create i document had input reason code in line item ,but when use F110 to rum a Proposal down is logs , can not run this proposal ,but actual line item I had input reason code why?

this item is a special indeic

but if I set this message W ,that this proposal can be run ,if set this message E,that Proposal that exception red

Date Time Message text Message class Message no. Message ty

2016.06.15 20:15:02 Job started 00 516 S

2016.06.15 20:15:02 Step 001 started (program SAPF110S, variant &0000000000410, user ID HP_LUOT) 00 550 S

2016.06.15 20:15:02 Log for proposal run for payment on 2016.06.15, identification 11118 FZ 402 S

2016.06.15 20:15:02 行项目原因代码不能为空 ZKE_FI_VAL 201 S

2016.06.15 20:15:02 Information re. vendor 100001D / paying company code GF50 ... FZ 305 S

2016.06.15 20:15:02 ... payment not possible because of reported error FZ 311 S

2016.06.15 20:15:02 End of log FZ 398 S

2016.06.15 20:15:02 Job finished 00 517 S