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Jun 15, 2016 at 11:44 AM

Problem in fetching proper taxes in Rebate settlement document


Hello ,

I am facing one issue in taxes please find details below -

I have invoice document with rebate settlement condition . In invoice sold-to party and ship-to party are different ( and country of both of them are different).

Based on this invoice rebate settlement document is created ( kind of Credit memo request using some Z functionality).

While creating this credit memo request document ship-to-party from Invoice Item is correctly copied to Credit memo request item .

But while passing ship-to-party at header level it is referring to Sold-to-party of invoice.

But now in this document taxes are different than in invoice.

So while creating Credit memo request , if I pass ship-to-party from item level of invoice to ship-to-party of Credit memo request header ship-to party will it work for determining taxes correctly ? what are the implications ?

Thanks ,Prasad