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Jun 15, 2016 at 11:57 AM

MDG-BP: Map BP_REL custom field to Staging area



We have added the custom attribute ZPERCENTAGE to the BP_REL entity type of the BP Data Model.

We use this attribute to be able to save the Percentage of Capital Interest (BUT053-CMPY_PART_PER) for a relation.

We managed to save the Percentage via the MAP_DATA_2API method of our custom handler class in case of entity type BP_REL since the external data structure has the Percentage field that is later in the coding SAP standard coding saved to BUT053.

When opening a BP the READ_OBJECT_DATA method of the handler class correctly reads the relation data, the Percentage which we saved is visible in the external structure. The data needs to be transfered to our custom ZPERCENTAGE attribute of the BP_REL entity. The mapping from ECC towards the BP Data Model is, if I'm not mistaken, done in the MAP_DATA_2STA method of the handler class. However, when opening the BP the entity type BP_REL is not passed towards this MAP_DATA_2STA method so I see no opportunity to map the ECC data towards the data model.

Where does the mapping of the BP_REL entity type to the Data Model happen? Is there any other way to be able to map the DB data towards the MDG Data Model?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards,

Niels De Greef

Message was edited by: Niels De Greef In short: I'm trying to find the spot where the mapping is done between the external structure, which is loaded in the READ_OBJECT_DATA method of the handler class, and the MDG BP data model.