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Jun 15, 2016 at 09:56 AM

Write content into Extended field in Customer


Hey Guys,

i created an extended field via SDK in the customer standard TI.

I also created a custom BO, which should write the content of one field into the extended field at the BeforeSave event.

When I Create a new entry to my custom BO i have to enter a zipcode. My BeforeSave event should get all Customers with the same ZipCode at AdressInformation.Adress.Default[...] and write the ZipCode I entered into myAdress, the extended field in Customer I created.

My problem is:

1. Should i change the data of the Query object or the Retrieved object?

2. Should i change the CurrentCommon or the Common? (myAdress is located in Common but writing into CurrentCommon seems more legit)

3. The Customers I try to write something in are getting blocked (even the .Unblock() method doesnt seem to help much(or I just used it at the wrong place)).(Could it be that i need more rights to write them?)


I get the right Customers I actually want to have.