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Jun 15, 2016 at 09:04 AM

Custom made picking strategie SAP WM


Dear Gurus,

For a customer I have to set up a custom made picking strategy.

The proces is a follow:

The main goal is that a several transfer order related to one delivery have approximatically the same weight and height.

So the first step is to check the heaviest weight item in the delivery and put this on for example pallet (Transfer order A). The seconds heaviest item of the delivery should be stored on pallet B (Transfer order B). The next step is what is the lowest pallet and put the next heaviest weight item of the delivery on the lowest pallet. This proces should be continued till all item in the delivery have been divided over sevaral transfer order. Each transfer order can be pilled to a maximum height.

The second step is to determine per pallet (per transfer order) a logical pille pattern. So put first the materials with a full pallet layer first on the pallet and put materials with less then a pallet layer on the materials of a full pallet layer.

My question is which user exits can I use to realise step 1 and step 2. Based on step 1 and 2 the correct transfer orders have to be created.

Best Regards,