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Jun 15, 2016 at 08:51 AM

Earlywatch reports displaying additional data from another system


Hi all,

I have successfully created my managed systems in solution manager, I have...

HAD dev system

HAQ test system

HAP prod system

The problem is that the earlywatch reports for HAQ and HAP are including data from HAD. HAD is not referenced anywhere in the HAQ or HAP solution manager configuration - I have deleted and reconfigured the managed systems and the EW reports twice but still the HAD references remain in the reports. .

As the screen shot below shows, it seems to be picking up HAD as a 'related SID' - does anyone know where this is defined?

In solution manager if you maintain the system rather than configure it there is a section for 'related components' but there is nothing defined in there.

The only link with HAD is that it is the transport system domain controller - but surely it wouldn't include HAD in the other reports because of that?

Any suggestions most appreciated.




EW report.PNG (69.5 kB)