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manually change status of PO from saved to Ordered

Feb 08, 2017 at 12:56 PM


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Hello experts,

We have an old PO from 2015, in status saved.

when clicking on check we received the message:

Line 1: System status CLSD is active (ORDXXXXXX ) Error      Line 1: Error in account assignment for item 1

Unfortunately we cannot change the status of the ORD, there for can you please advise if there is a FM or any other solution that can move our PO from saved to ordered?

the PO has confirmation and invoice on it is fully booked, we simply want to change the status of it or somehow remove it from saved query in SRM

We have SRM 7 ECS

Thank you and waiting for your strong support.

BR Gigi

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1 Answer

Gaurav Gautam Feb 08, 2017 at 02:18 PM

Hi ,

As the error shows that your internal order which is being used in the PO is closed . Check with Finance team and ask them to open the Internal Order . Once its done then you can transfer the PO based on your scenario if Extended classic to backend ECC or you can edit your PO , perform some minor change in the description and order it again .

That was once case but as you mentioned its old PO and I guess the fisal period would be closed , so you can try to update the status via SWO1 ,

->go to transaction SWO1:

1. Put the object type: BUS2201

2. Click on "Test"

3. In "Instance" put the PO GUID:

4. Then execute the "setrelease" method:


6. Now the PO should be completed (approved).

But still I feel this wouldn't help out but you can try as you have error with your account assignment .

Another option use FM CRM_STATUS_UPDATE

and the add the status ordered and inactive the other status not sure what it would be .

HEADER I1021 Created

HEADER I1038 Complete

HEADER I1180 Document Completed

HEADER I1009 Held

HEADER I1043 Ordered

HEADER I1015 Awaiting Approval

HEADER I1120 Change was Transmitted 0000000001 I1021 Created

HEADER I1080 In Transfer to Execution Syst.

And the last options is to delete the change version so that your PO is back to ordered status .


Gaurav Gautam

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