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Jun 14, 2016 at 11:39 PM

Random Bin replenishment from SU to non SU storage type


Hi Gurus,

We are doing replenishment from the reserve storage type-AHR(SUmanaged) to the Pick face storage type-AHP (Non SU managed) using Random bin replenishment using LP24 , and creating the TO.The putaway stratergy is I - addition to exisinng stock for AHP.The stock removal stratergy is FEFO for AHR.THe materials are managed in Batches with expiry date.

The Customer wants to replenish 3 pallet Qty(LE Qty 600EA) to the pick face for a material,The Max Bin Qty is 1800 EA , replenishment Qty is 600,

Min Bin Qty is 1.The Bin can take only 600 EA in the Pick face.When we do the replenishment,the system will propose 1 Bin for 1800 Qty,instead we

need to place only 600 EA (full pallet Qty) in each bin , and system should propose 3 Bins for 600EA.

We tried this by using SU management pick face AHP , But if there are multiple partial pallets to be replenished based on material batch to the same Bin ,system will allow only one SU to be moved,it will allow to create TO for the next SU only after confirming the first SU TO.

Can you please let me know how to resolve this situation.