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Jun 14, 2016 at 10:23 PM

Can you limit how many times a report can be opened at the same time per user?



I am using CR XI version 11.5.12 .1838 and I have a report where 20 users are running this report on a daily basis and I have noticed an error happens sometimes and the error is (Invalid TLV Record) and I took the exact report and just renamed it to something else and the users are able to run the report without any issue and here is what I noticed.

The users are opening the report and passing the parameters and they get the result they need but if they need to run the report again they open another and leave the one they had open before and this keep happening all day so at some point then error starts to happen. my question is this

Is there away to limit how many times CR report can be opened per user?

Note: please note all users have a shared drive and they are opening the same exact report. I wanted to know if there is way I can limit how many times a user can open that same report.

For example if user A open the reports 10 times on PC and I wanted to do something either if she tries the 11 times and give her a message to close the previous or just close the previous report if it reaches for example 10.

Thank you