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Jun 14, 2016 at 07:20 PM

Webdispatcher scenario


Dear All,

We have the below scenario .

Webdispatcher (WEP) > EP > Webdispatcher (WSR) > SRM .

1. Both the webdispatchers are installed as HA along with the SCS and ASCS server .

2. We would like to configure the End to end scenario . Basically we want the flow to use the same app server at the backend hence we are using the sticy mask parameter as mentioned in note ( at both the WD's and ICM as PROT = ROUTER .

3 . WD at the EP is not of primary important but the one in between EP and SRM as when using the message server the request was distributed to the different app sever when coming back and forth and its not serving our purpose .

4 Now when I use the https://WDhost:WDport (SRM) I am getting the certificate error warning which arises from one of the app server . I did exported ABAP certificate from SRM and imported the same into WSR . Both the certs are CA signed

Am I missing something . Please help .