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Jun 14, 2016 at 05:27 PM

Interaction Log as History


Dear Champs ,

I am new to SAP CRM , i need your expert advise . My client requirement is that they want to record each single activity related to account identification. For Instance ;

1. When IC Agent will identify any account through Account Identification by entering BP No or other credential information's. They want as they will click on enter even not on Confirm option then interaction log should be created in interaction history against BP.

2. When they Confirm the account then another Interaction Log should be available in Interaction History to identify that this BP account has been confirmed.

3. After confirmation when they click on Account overview , then this activity should also available as another log in Interaction History.

As far as my knowledge is concerned , i proposed them that once you will confirm any account and Click on END option in toolbar available at top of IC Screen then this business activity will saved with date and time which we help you to identify when BP contact with you . But they feel uncomfortable and raised above mentioned requirements .

Please help out , it is highly critical.