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Jun 14, 2016 at 04:31 PM

Planning Functions fails due of data slice (no PE Error Text).


Hi All -

I am working on BW 7.5 SP02, and AO 2.3. I have FOX, and EXIT AMDP planning function, and data slice.

If data slice is active, I encountered an error if I run planning function for both FOX, and AMDP Exit planning functions.

Both planning functions run successfully if I deactivate/remove the data slice in RSPLAN.

Both planning functions encounter errors if data slice is deactivated in runtime via ABAP Logic.

The error messages are captured in below & I also captured the ST22 Log in this message.


b) Screen capture below

Could I kindly please ask your help to advise how to resolve this issue?

fyi, I have already had a look to both below SAP Notes, but apparently it can't be implemented to our system.

2125814 - BW-IP PAK: "merging multi value dicts is not implemented" in index server trace

2069393 - BW-IP (PAK): Error in PAK after saving planning data

Many thanks,



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