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Jun 14, 2016 at 03:42 PM

Strange behavior for Dynamic Analytical Privilege


Hi to everybody,

I and facing a problem with a Dynamic analytical privilege when one of the store procedures do not return any value and the user can see all the data instead of no data at all.

My AP have 3 attributes and all of them have a restriction by using a store procedure with operator “IN”.

Everything works fine when all the procedures returns values, then the user only can see the data based on the values returned by the stored procedures. The problem is when one of the store procedures do not return data and shows all data.

I am not sure if this is a normal behavior, but for me is not. I expect that if the SP do not return any value, means that the user cannot see any data.

Could someone have experience something similar? Could be something wrong or missing in the AP?


I have to users with the same analytical privilege.

The user “USER_1” can only see data related to purchase orders with statuses “010” and “030”. On a HANA table “TABLE_STATUS” is defined which status the user can view.

The store procedure query this table and retrieves the values from this table and returns values “010” and “030”. The AP use the store procedure as a restriction with operator “IN”.

At the end the user “USER_1” can only see data with status “010” and “030”.

In the case of “USER_2”, there is no data maintained for this user on table “TABLE_STATUS”. When the stores procedure is executed, there is no data retrieved for this user. The problem is the “USER_2” can see all data without restrictions (Status 010, 020, 030, 040…).

Any ideas?

Thanks you

Sabin L.