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Former Member
Jun 14, 2016 at 02:38 PM

WM PI problem


Hi all.

This is very strange and I am really struggling to sort It out.

A WM PI doc has been created via LX16 and the count added. We have mixed stock within the bin and at the time of counting, addition stock was found and so added. The net result was 2 quants (Mat A and Mat B) with no differences and an additional qty (Mat C) added. A recount was initiated and the stocks recounted and the same qty's recorded. LI21 was then executed and the PI doc status is now showing as 'cleared'. Now when we run LI21, there is nothing showing to be cleared in IM and the additional stock as not yet been written on to the system.

I have looked in LINV and the two quants with no diffs are showing as L-Cleared yet the additional stock line is only showing as Z-Counted.

We have already activated OSS 824904 but it isn't helping in this incident.

Operationally we need to either progress the PI doc through to conclusion and create a new one or somehow, delete the existing one and start again, neither of which I can find a way of doing 😢.