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Jun 14, 2016 at 02:28 PM

Issue with BEX Formula: else if..


Hi Guru's,

i have issue with formula in Bex where i am writing if else condition.

below is my formula,

here i am actually trying to check the values which are there in C958 if it have value the formula should pick it, if it is empty it should go for next value,i.e. C951 if it have value it should display if it is empty it should go to next so on.

it is working as expected for few cases, and going wrong for few cases.

wrong in the sense it is adding up the values instead of picking the value where it finds.

below are the screens for wrong and correct cases.

please guide us what is going wrong with the formula..

also attached the word pad with screenshots.

Thank you,



BEX Formula.JPG (46.7 kB)
Bex_correct.JPG (38.4 kB)
Bex_wrong.JPG (41.0 kB)