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Jun 14, 2016 at 02:08 PM

KO01 , KO02 and KO03 access restriction on basis of Order Type?


Hi All,

We need to apply security for KO01,KO02,KO03(Internal order) which are connected to Order Type.We have 2 company codes and we are trying to create 2 roles with the above Tcodes for specific set of Order Types (eg 17* for one company code US20 and 20* for another company code FR20)

The problem we encountered is when when I restrict role with 17* order type for KO01 tcode, I am able to create Order for another location FR20. Is there any way we can restrict Order creation for specific Orde Type with single location.

Eg. User1 who has KO01 tcode access with 17* Order Type is only able to create Order with US20 Company Code not with FR20 Company Code.

User2 who has KO01 tcode access with 20* Order Types is only able to create Order with FR20 Company Code not with US20 Company Code.

Thanks and Regards,