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Jun 14, 2016 at 01:26 PM

Subcontracting in SNP with Source Location-Planned Production


Hello Friends,

We are testing the above functionality in APO. Our scenario is much like the one mapped out in SAP Help.

We are CIF'ing across. PIR, PDS (Created a dummy Production Version and Resource to include on a recipe), Venodr, Materials.

Transportation Lanes are created and materials assigned.

We are using SNP to Plan our Finished Products in general and ECC MRP runs for Packaging and Raws.

We have the following situation. We have a Subcontracting PIR with an external vendor to produce a finished product. We send the vendor 3 Finished Products and 3 Packaging Materials (All on the subcontracting BOM). We receive the completed material back from subcontractor to our location and upon receipt of course we issue the components on the BOM.

Desired behavior is this.

Forecast places demand for final product at our location.

We run SNP Heuristics which should generate a Purchase Req to the outside vendor.

We then want to see the demand for the component Finished Goods in SNP also so heuristics plans for them.

I seem to have this working except for a couple of issues.

1. My Subcontracting location created for the vendor sees the requirement and Heuristics generates a regular planned order at the Subcontract Location. I expected the planned order to be created with the category: 'Production (Subcontracting Planned) but instead it generates a Planned Order under Category 'Production (Planned)'

2. The Purchase Req that is generated to the vendor. When I look at this in ECC and view components. Only the Packaging Components are included and I have to re-explode the BOM to get the Finished Goods to pull in. Is this to do with the fact that FERTS are planned in SNP and everything else in ECC.

I can provide more info as needed but has anyone ran into this before?