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Jun 14, 2016 at 12:03 PM

MD09 doesn't show up link "pegged requirements" after confirmed production order?


The problem here is that there is no fixed link between the reservation and the receipt element. That means, this information is not stored on any database table, so the only option is it build this relationship dynamically, using data from MD04. If i need to see the pegged requirements in scenario where there are order confirmed and order not confirmed? The transaction MD09 isn't apropriate to analyze the pegged requirements in production order already confirmed.

I need a solution to have pegged requirements linked same after confirming the production order linked to a network for example, that means to control the special stocks on the storage location phisically by the process.

Has Anybody ideia about a solution to have this information "pegged requirements" after confirming production orders?

Please help me!

Itamar do Prado

Analyst system - WEG