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Jun 14, 2016 at 09:45 AM

WBS element Hierarchy issue


Hello all,

we have an issue with 0wbs element hierarchy.In bex query the values are getting doubled becz of WBS Element hierarchy nodes can also have values posted against them – so we need to exclude these and let the hierarchy automatically roll-up the values.

wbs element value

RBID.0007 3,00,000

RBID.0007 1,00,000

RBID.0007.001 2,00,000

rbid.0007.001 1,00,000

RBID.0007.001.01 50,000

Here we need to exclude the nodes which are having same wbs element . ex., in the above RBID.0007.001 having two values which gives incorrect data in reporting.

any solution for this?