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Jun 14, 2016 at 10:00 AM

/hana/data/ filled up at 100% - after volume increase HDB will not start


Good morning guys,

About a week ago, our database (512GB RAM) "crashed'. Upon investigation, we realized that the data volume had reach 100% (750GB). We subsequently increase this by 500GB. We then tried to start the DB. The indexserver would not start, and other services dependent on it also would not, complaining that the "Master index server is not available yet". We left this to run overnight...this morning, we found out that our new 1.3TB has also filled up. The index server and other services will still not startup. Is there a reason for this? Where can one look? The index server trace file raises a DIKFULL event. Even if we increase this by another 1TB...will it not fill up? Assistance will be appreciated.