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Jun 14, 2016 at 08:45 AM

Feedback SCN Open Beta from a Space Editor


Hi SCN team!

I am a current SCN space editor for several SCN spaces (Security, SAP Single Sign-On, SAP Identity Management, SAP Document Center) and below is my feedback about SCN Open Beta.

Improved user experience:

  • The overall impression of the open beta system is very positive with a nice and modern look & feel.
  • The new community is mobile friendly. This is a big improvement!
  • I liked the pages “About SAP Community Network”, they give a good introduction to the new community to get you started easily.
  • I liked the new and more powerful moderation features (I am also a moderator for some of my spaces).

Here are some suggestions for further enhancement of the new community:

  • In the community main navigation menu (drop-down menu) I would have expected an entry “Browse tags” where I can search for all tags that I am interested in (products or topics).
  • Where do I find all content (blogs, Q&A, archived documents) for a specific primary tag (so-called “tag” pages)?
  • Where is the SAP Search landing page located in the new community menu structure? I could not find it.
  • With SAP Search users should also be able to filter search results for primary tags (see above).
  • I liked the new Community Topic Pages. They represent great entry points for specific products or topics and are a very good means for users to get started and come back to on a regular basis later on for news. I think that we need many more such Community Topic Pages and there should be a defined process to apply for such a page, e.g. by former space editors. Without these pages community users might be easily lost when searching for the most relevant information or news about a specific product or topic (as the general search function will deliver an overwhelming amount of content).
  • The new SAP Archive holds former Jive documents authored by SAP employees in a read-only mode. But the authors need a way to be able to update these Jive documents. Otherwise a user cannot really rely on them as a source of truth (how does a user know whether its content is still up-to-date or not?). Since many of these Jive documents are also extensively bookmarked and even used as references in other assets, outdated information will soon lead to confusion and frustration by users.

Thank you for offering this feedback channel and all your effort and hard work you put in. I think the new community is well on the way and I am confident that with some further enhancements we will be able to provide a better experience for our users.