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Jun 14, 2016 at 09:01 AM

Dynamic Report to show user response to selection parameter


I have a product by Country report

There are many versions of reports available as users wanted it for various different country, but now my task is how we can make it more dynamic and shows the result as per users country selection when we refresh the report.

Report Overview:

1) It has few different chart to show the sales trend

One block of table to show the table = Sale by country

and another block of table = Sale by product for chosen country

We have various country group , each of those group will have separate selection of countries in them.

Please give me suggestion what function or variable can be used to make this report more dynamic, rather creating a new report each time for a new county can I make one more dynamic report where user can select a value from a country group and country to see the report for one country/Country group at a time.

Thanks in Advance 😊