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Jun 14, 2016 at 05:32 AM

PI 7.1: Message successfully put into the queue in Audit log (Message Monitoring)


Hi Folks,

My scenario is Proxy to JDBC and Development is done.

For testing purpose we are triggering test data from sproxy, and the data will came to pi (SXMB_MONI) successfully with out errors.

while checking in RWB---> Message Monitoring it is in Scheduled status.

while i double clicked on the scheduled message it will in "To Be Delivered" status.

then i checked in MDT(message display tool)---> Audit log , it shows that "Message successfully put into the queue" .

i didn't find status of message (like DLVD, holding, ).

No messages found the corresponding channel while checking the Adaper engine---> cc monitoring---> Receiver CC--> use filter.

i checked in queues and no queues found.

1) how to get the messages to channel level.

2) where messages are stuck? and what is the solution for this

Please help me.




moni.PNG (7.5 kB)
MM.PNG (12.0 kB)
details.PNG (14.5 kB)
audit log.PNG (20.2 kB)