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Jun 14, 2016 at 01:33 AM

Deployment Heuristics to consider demands of all other products in a Destination Location


Hi All,

We use user-defined fair share and push distribution for deployment planning.

Now we have an unique requirement, where deployment heuristic is to sum-up all other product demands in a destination location while planning product-by-product. Based on the limits we maintain for each destination location, we would like deployment to either confirm or not confirm deployment stock transfers along with our custom BadI's.

I am really not sure if this requirement can be handled by deployment heuristic particularly with the custom BadI's.

Destination Location Demands

Dest-1 Dest-2 Dest-3 Dest-4 Dest-5 TOTAL Product-1 100 125 50 75 50 400 Product-2 50 75 200 100 150 575 Product-3 95 69 156 106 90 516 Product-4 56 89 77 85 145 452 Product-5 66 74 86 48 130 404 Product-6 123 110 99 68 125 525 TOTAL 490 542 668 482 690 Dest. Location Limit 500 500 700 500 500

From the table above, when deployment is planning for Product-1 and Dest-1, it has to look for all other products in this destination location and SUM all these demands for these products. Next deployment is to check for the Destination location limit maintained at the location level, if it has any limit then deployment must compare the total demand in the destination location with the destination location limit and confirm deployment stock transfers ONLY when the total demand of a destination location is above the destination location limit.

Based on this example the deployment heuristic should only plan/confirm stock transfers for Dest-2 and Dest-5 locations.

I appreciate if someone can share your experience or worked on similar requirements.

Thanks you all.