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Jun 14, 2016 at 02:33 AM

Import Purchase - Pricing COndition Not Appearing though Maintained with Values


Hello All,

This is for a import purchase wherein the condition relevant to the SA are maintained. Prior to GR, the planned delivery cost is updated via batch program to generate the Invoice number i.e. this step is actually carried out via MIRO + Planned Delivery Cost. I will need your support on why the condition are not getting picked up during MIRO as a result I get the error - M8524 - You cannot process conditions for delivery costs.

The screenshot below is from the SA which has listed the conditions relevant to Import

The below is from the Pricing Analysis for the Same SA

During MIRO for the purpose of Planned delivery cost update, the conditions 'JAED +jCV1' is not reflecting though the Values + active for a validity + with no deletion indicator + Customs Vendor is also chosen for the Condition missing

Please advise what is missing here & what needs to be done


SA Screenshot.PNG (180.8 kB)