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Jun 13, 2016 at 06:35 PM

MII Server-Side Rendering of UI5 Visualizations



I am currently working with MII 15.0 SP4 and am wondering if it is possible to render UI5 visualizations like i5Charts and i5SPCCharts server-side.

For legacy Java-based visualizations like iCharts and iSPCCharts, MII Workbench includes a Chart action block which will generate base-64 encoded image strings. UI5 Visualizations appear to execute client side JavaScript to generate SVG objects. Since MII Workbench includes SVG-based action blocks, the ability to consume the generated output would work nicely if possible.

The overall goal of this request would be to generate and pass an i5Chart in it's native vector format into a ADS Printing action block which would generate a pure vector PDF document.

While not ideal, I am currently resorted to generating a Java-based iChart (raster format) and using it within the generated PDF document.