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IdM VDS LDAP & changeLog or Access Logging (delta sync)


Does anyone know if the VDS supports LDAP changelog or access logging, as outlined below, for delta synchronisation LDAP queries:

We have VDS configured to support LDAP queries against one of our IdM 8.0 data stores, but would prefer LDAP queries to execute on the basis of delta synchronisation rather than a full data set responses



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  • Hi Neil,

    The short answer is probably.

    The longer answer is, it will depend on a large number of things, all involving customization. The default template used for virtualizing the Identity Store does not lend itself to customization, so you'll need to build your own method of representing the data (I've written a blog on making this easier)

    You might need to add some extra code to add in accesslogging. You might have some help with change log as there is an attribute SAP_CHANGENUMBER, which might help you. I'm just not entirely certain when and how it's updated, so you might want to open a ticket with SAP on it.
    As an alternative, I'd suggest using a timestamp value, since there's usually a modifytime attribute of some time in the tables holding identity data.


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