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Jun 13, 2016 at 05:40 PM

Structural Authorization Issue


In the past few months we have had 2 separate scenarios in which structural authorizations were not working as expected. The users were not able to access pernrs that they should have had access to and received a "No authorization for personnel number XXXX" message. The SU53 did not provide any insight into the cause of the issue. In both scenarios the authorization profile was assigned in T77UA. The problem seems to be because the GEN_FLAG field did not have an X in it. Our SAP security administrator is not familiar with this field and advised that he is not even given the option to put an X in this field when adding entries to this table. To set up a user with a GEN_FLAG=X he needs to copy an existing table entry that has an X. The majority of the entries in this table have an X in this field but approximately 20% of entries do not. Is anyone familiar with field GEN_FLAG in T77UA? What is this field for? Did something change with the behavior of this field?