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Jun 13, 2016 at 01:42 PM

Question on Java SPS and .xml stack file


Dear Experts,

I have a little weird situation here and I'd kindly like to ask for your help and advice.

There is a NetWeaver 7.4 system at SPS10, which suprisingly is dual stack!

Now I need to apply SPS12 to it and the result is weird:

While on the ABAP stack everything seems to be OK, there is a strange situation

with Java. Just 5 components are showing version 7.40.12:

All the other components, down to the bottom are 7.40.11. Now the question is,

whether this is normal behaviour and MOPZ is checking compatibility and only

SP11 of those components is released and compatible with SPS12 ABAP, or

there is something wrong with the Solution Manager and MOPZ is calculating

nonsense ?

I also did an experimental MOPZ transaction to SPS14 and it calculates those

5 listed components as SPS13 and all the others as SPS12.

The only problem I could think of, was the CIM content and it's pretty old, from

april 2015, but I am not allowed to update it (yet).

Please kindly advise on how to proceed!

Just in case, I downloaded SP12 for all the other components and I am ready

to patch the system once again, but, as I said, my question is, whether this is

really needed and SPS12 really means having all the components at SP12, or

MOPZ knows what it's doing and if it calculates SP11, then this has been tested

by SAP and is guaranteed to run without issues.

Many thanks in advance!


Java_SPS.JPG (55.0 kB)