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Jun 13, 2016 at 12:19 PM

Issue with OData binding


Hello all!

I'm facing some problems while i'm developing my first UI5 App.


I've to present a list of HUs and the user can choose to move them under control quality (some or all) or out of control (Stock Q, speaking in abap )

What i did till now

I'm following this great article to generate the OData Service

Simple Exercise on OData and SAP UI5 Application for the basic CRUD Operation

but i'm not following it for the binding, preferring XML views over JS ones.

And so far i generated succesfully the service

Here the metadata

and the xml schema

My manifest.json looks like


"_version": "1.1.0",

"": {

"_version": "1.1.0",

"id": "sap.ui.demo.wt",

"type": "application",

"i18n": "i18n/",

"title": "{{appTitle}}",

"description": "{{appDescription}}",

"applicationVersion": {

"version": "1.0.0"


"dataSources": {

"huRemote": {

"uri": "http://<server>/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZHANDLING_UNIT_SRV/",

"type": "OData",

"settings": {

"odataVersion": "2.0"







"sap.ui5": {



"models": {

"i18n": {

"type": "sap.ui.model.resource.ResourceModel",

"settings": {

"bundleName": "sap.ui.demo.wt.i18n.i18n"



"huData": {

"dataSource": "huRemote"



But i cannot see anything...

What i'm missing? anyone could give an hint?


meta.png (170.5 kB)
xml.png (76.6 kB)