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Jun 13, 2016 at 11:23 AM

Query Runtime when Partitioning Infocube


Hi experts,

I have been searching for while about partitioning and have done it already to my cube. I have the following scenario. I have the infocube and have partitionined it according to months. Now usually in the queries, I need the report for the whole months, however sometimes I might need the query to display data only for a specific month using filters.

My question now is: If I select in query to read the data only for a specific month, would the OLAP has to read all the data in the cube(as it would have done in a standard infocube without SPOs) and display the month that I would like to have, or it will go directly to the SPO partition with that month and read it from there (thus the query performance would be faster. Do I understand the concept of SPOs right)? Or the only way to get the query performance faster is to report on the specific partition?

Thank you in advance,