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Jun 13, 2016 at 10:52 AM

Conditions/Zero Supression - BEX not Working in Design Studio


Hi Friends,

I know this issue has been asked many times in this forum and lots of similar threads have been posted, I have followed all the threads but in my case, it is not falling in place.

Scenario : I have a query which returns headcount data. When I drag 0EMPLOYEE in rows and headcount key figure in column then ideally it should show headcount as 1 in front of every employee but due to data related issue, for some employee the headcount is coming as zero as shown below.

I saw a couple of forums where it is written we can bypass these values by either supressing zero values from Query properties or specify a BEX condition for allowing only key figure greater than zero.

Zero Suppression in Query Designer | SCN

I tried both methods, it works in BEX but in Design Studio, it does not take effect as shown below.

I saw a thread where it written to reset the initial view of the datasource in design studio, I did that but still no luck.

How to set a BEx Query Condition in Design Stud... | SCN

Please let me know what is missing here.




s1.jpg (15.9 kB)
s2.jpg (40.8 kB)
s3.jpg (48.6 kB)
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