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Jun 13, 2016 at 10:48 AM

Specifying Rebate limit



I have learned about the rebate processing that its a kind of retroactive discount. An agreement is made with the customer that if the customer purchases X amount / units of the product then Y% discount will be provided to the customer at the end of the rebate period. (Or during the rebate period if required).

I have performed the necessary pre-requisites and done the configuration and the rebate process is also working as configured.

However I am not able to find where the limit or the agreed amount / units are maintained for the agreement.

For example a customer is eligible for 2% discount if he purchases goods worth Rs 20,00,000.

When I create the condition record for 2 % rebate, the rebate amount equivalent for 2% of the value will start accumulating from the first order and even after sales of Rs 20,000 I can make a partial payment or execute final settlement.

Where can I set the limit of Rs 20,00,000 and how can the system be made to check whether the agreed amount of sales has occurred before processing the settlement.