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Jun 13, 2016 at 09:27 AM

Not Getting Exposed steps into Mobile Device from Workflow


Hi Experts,

I have exposing the container values for particular Task through Enhance implementation of Standard Enhancement Spot (/IWWRK/ES_WF_CUST_EXT_IB).

I have used Method (/IWWRK/IF_WF_CUST_EXT_IB~MODIFY_WORKITEM) for created class, in this method i have written the code for getting the Container values and passed those values to that method exporting table ( ct_cust_xprops) , but i am not getting those values into my mobile.

but it's calling to debug mode at the time triggering this WorkItem through Net weaver or from Mobile device but i am not getting the values which are sending in that method.

I have done the SPRO Setting also to exposed this step ID.

can you please suggest on this, is there anything i have missed here.

Thanks in advance.