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Jun 13, 2016 at 08:11 AM

Two Line Items with Price and Discount/Surcharge


Dear Gurus,

My client is in a transportation business, they offer vehicles for petrochemical products to customers.

Like having two line item at order level.

1. Vehicle (Service material)

2. Condensate (Non valuated material)

in want both material should appear at billing level as well.

For customer client offer price base on Material, so our condition type for price ZBPR (Price x Qty) based on material. (Condensate)

For discount/surcharge client offer it on vehicles, so we develop the condition type ZDIS (discoutn/surchare x Qty) based on material. (vehicles)

but when enter both materials at order level and enter all the relevant price, system give the "Incompletion Log" Net value missing for material "Vehicle" as there is no price in it, only the discount.

Please suggest how should I can tackle this situation so that system will not ask for the price at this material.

If i enter all the price into one material that is a option but, in material "vehicle" some factor based on condensate, and vise versa, so i can't do that.

Looking for the gurus feedback.


imran khan