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Jun 13, 2016 at 07:59 AM

IT 0006 Address Fields Special Charecters Punctuation Check(GB)


Hello All

Good Morning

We would like to setup a check on Address fields in IT 0006 to ensure users do not enter charecters such as Double Quotes, Commas, Hyphens and other special characters in address. This is for Great Britain

Lately we have been getting errors with the third party interfaces because of these special charecters .

Ideally I would like system to validate and throw error on the PA30 when the analysts are trying to enter these special charecters.

Will this be an User Exit or something else?

Is there a standard one for Great Britain to have these checks in place also we seem to have recent errors where RTI rejects if you don't have second address field/City at least in addition to "Street and House no".

P.S I have done search in SDN for similar queries/discussions before posting this query

Many thanks in advance