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Jun 13, 2016 at 03:08 AM

B2B Plain to XML PlainConverterModule Converter - routing inbound files similar to the attrib mapper in Seeburger


Hi folks,

Question regarding an AS2 inbound scenario from a partner to ECC.

The files incoming are sent via the AS2 Sender channel, which will use the PlainConverterModule. I understand how the Plain Message Editor and all the tools in B2B Integration Cockpit work.

The dilemma is, the incoming files (there are about ~7 different files that have to be converted) do not have a pattern which I can use to make it a unique entry in the Control Key Scenario Association. The only unique attribute is the filename itself. The previous solution in Seeburger, was to use an attribute mapper module in the Sender Channel to route the file to an Operation Mapping based on its filename (which has been hardcoded in the BIC mapping tool).

I have already come up with a solution to just receive the files (line items are delimited with a CRLF) and do a 'contains pattern' condition based on the AS2Filename. The mapping will then have to happen on the Message Mapping object.

Is there any other way to make it all happen within the Sender Channel?