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Jun 10, 2016 at 11:51 PM

pbGMap Demo - Where to go from here?


Greetings All,

I have a modified version of pbGMap that our dispatchers use to keep track of where our vehicles are and view status via color coded markers along with pop-up html windows that display detailed reservation information. I have a thin vertical datawindow that lists all of our drivers and the user can click on anyone of them to zoom to that driver. I have a drop down list box which allows the user to zoom to that location. Users can also type in a reservation number to see the breadcrumb trail for the driver 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the pick up time. Works great. Well at least it use to...(screenshot of user interface with error included in this post).

As Google has been enhancing their API's, this application built in 2012 no longer works. There is a crazy long thread that describes the issue that I am having perfectly: Issue 9004 - gmaps-api-issues - Bug: Javascript error -…

The map (defaultmap.htm) that is generated works fine if I simply open it in a browser. No errors. But none of the neat features I added are accessible.

The link above has posts that suggest that changing the call to Google maps to a different version would help. I tried changing from v=3.8 to v=3.22, but no help.

So I have some questions about what I might do to fix it or what might be an alternative to what I have:

1) Right now all of the users are on RDP Servers with IE 8.0. I don't know if upgrading to IE 11.0 would fix it.

2) The tool uses the built-in Microsoft Web Browser via an OLE object dropped on the window. Does this object rely on the installed version of IE? If not, can it be updated somehow?

3) Is there an opportunity to enhance this somehow by deploying it via Appeon?

a) I looked at the Appeon documentation and it says that OLE objects are supported, but I see no direct reference to the Microsoft Web Browser. Is there an alternative in Appeon?

b) My application uses several web service data windows that call a PB .NET component that calls Google Maps for geocoding and routing. The documentation says that web service data windows are supported. But when I try to deploy the application via Appeon, I see an error as 'Failed to parse datawindow dw_geocode_address' and 'Failed to generate datawindow dw_geocode_address'.

I only know how to program in PowerBuilder, so I am hoping that someone can point me towards a solution.

Thanks all!!


PB 12.5 Classic


onion.js error.png (494.5 kB)