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Jun 10, 2016 at 11:05 PM

BI 4.1 CMC Servers/Users and groups tabs take too much time to load


Hello colleagues,

We have a Production environment in BI4.1 recently updated from SP2 Patch 2 to SP7 Patch 1, composed of 4 nodes, two Intelligence nodes with (RAM 75G each) with CMS server and other two for processing(RAM 65G each), and CMS and Audit DB in Oracle 11g. Both CMS nodes have Tomcat running.

I'm not completely sure if after the update came the issue we are currently experiencing.

We login to the CMC web page without any issues or spinning concerns, but once we are inside the CMC, we are noticing that when we move to "Servers" or "Users and Groups" tabs take too long to load them completely, Servers tab takes 50 seconds to display all Nodes information(I must mention once is fully loaded, we can move through nodes, metrics and properties options without delay or concerns, the spinning is only occurring every time we move to one of these tabs; for Users and groups is taking 1 minute to populate every time we move there, in our DEV and QA environments take less than 10 sec for each tab. Also we have tried using other Tomcat environment(QA) with the same result, All of the other tabs load correctly without delays.

After update we just rebuilt the Paltform Search Index due was not working before update, it was been going slow and due some high usage of the system we just stopped the Platform Search indexing, but the Servers/Users and Groups(Almost 3000 users only) tabs still have the same behavior.

Can you consider this is a normal behavior? Have you experienced this before? Where could be the malfunctioning here is case is something wrong?

I'll appreciate your responses and feedback.

Thanks and regards!

Roy Garcia