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Jun 10, 2016 at 08:09 PM

Resource Related Billing using Release Orders


We are using Resource related billing for our Time and Material cost, which is accumulated within Project System. Process is as follows

We start with a contract, which could last for many years, life of the program. where new lines are added every year for that year of the contract. Question: Is this the correct use of contract? should there not be new contract every year?

From the contract, release order is created by coping the contract line information to new release order. Typically there is one release order per yea and lines get added to this release order every month when DP91 is run. Question: Is this really a best practice or should it not be creating new release order every month?

On a monthly basis as the cost is collected (Time and Material cost) within the project system under WBS element. Users run once a month DP91 by referring that year's release order for billing and as you save billing information in DP91 system adds new line to this release order and then bills it from there.

So my question is two folds:

1. Using one contract per program, where same WBS is referenced to many times and one release order per year for billing is really recommended practice?

2. Is there a way during RRB processing using DP91 you can give a message to user if they try to use completed Release Order?

thank you for your help in advance.