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Jun 10, 2016 at 07:14 PM

Dashboard used on a wall mounted monitor/tv - Time out Issues


I have seen this topic mentioned a few times however I have not heard of any production versions or issues with using Design Studio to build a dashboard which would be displayed for a defined period of time.

We created KPI dashboard using Design Studio 1.6 which is hooked into SBOP 4.1 SP7. This dashboard uses the Design Studio Time to cycle through a dozen different pages and also graphs. The problem we continue to face is either SBOP or Analysis will time out due to not activity.

We currently have the SBOP set to time out after 8 hours of login time. The problem now is Analysis actually times outs with the message " The maximum idle time permitted between navigation steps was exceeded and the session has been ended. Restart the application."

I have reviewed the SAP Note 2059761 which talks about he Design Studio AddOn on BIP sessions Timeout article in detail. However based on this note there are two different timers to consider of which the interal timer is set to 30 minutes and the Tomcat bust be set to <30 minutes in order to avoid the above error. With this setting a dashboard could only be displayed with no user interactions for 29 minutes or less.

Has anyone found a work around or a means to display a dashboard on a tv/monitor for a longer period of time; for example 8 hours.

Thank you


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