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Former Member
Jun 10, 2016 at 03:19 PM

Tax rounding at header level doesn't work properly


Hi Pricing gurus,

Please help on the following issue (I've checked a number of articles there but haven't find the solution):

We have a tax pricing element (let's say ZTAX) which is a group condition. For a particular SalesOrg & Currency (with 2 decimals) we need to obtain the following functionality:

1. All values should be rounded to whole numbers (i.e. decimals should be equal to 00).

2. Tax value on the header level should be rounded DOWN (e.g. 567,89 -> 567,00).

3. The rounding difference from the header should be distributed to item according standard functionality (to the item with the biggest tax or to the last one if taxes are similar).

We understand that we can achieve first demand by implementing pricing formula 17 and insert proper line into T001R table. The second and third demand could be achieved by setting rounding rule of ZTAX to B.

But when we try to implement both those solutions it doesn't work together. It just rounds taxes on items and tax at header level independently, without difference distribution.

Could you pleaes adivce if we missed something or if other solution should be applied there?

Thank you very much in advance.