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Jun 10, 2016 at 02:47 PM

Agentry Date and Time picker on Android



I am developing an Agentry application on SMP 3.0 SDK 10 for Android. Is there a way of defaulting the Date and Time field on a Transaction screen to a blank value, but then go on to display the Current date and time on the picker/control. The furthest I have gone is to display the current date, but somehow the time is always defaulted to "12:00:01" and somehow this field is treated like a drop down box, that is, the transaction cannot be saved without this field being maintained. Is there.

So ultimately I would like to get onto a transaction screen with a blank date and time field, click on it, and this Date and Time Picker should display the current date and time. Second scenario, would be to get onto that same transaction screen maintain other fields but not maintain the Date and Time field but be able to still save the transaction.

Your input is appreciated.

Thanks and Regards;

Sizo Ndlovu