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Jun 10, 2016 at 11:46 AM

Appeon Workspace Issues


HI Folks,

Coming close to releasing a Beta of my first Appeon Mobile App to be tested in AWS by a client. It is a simple enough App for read-only purposes at present. However, I am having a few little issues that would be good to get sorted out before travelling to Australia to visit the client!

1. App Icon in AWS not correct.

When deployed to the server using the ‘Offline if online startup failed’ setting which according to Appeon is for test environments only, the application installs in AWS with the specified App icon.

However, when the offline settings are changed to ‘Offline’ only and the app is reinstalled the icon reverts to the default AWS app icon. I have tried using fully qualified file path as well as just the filename, but no luck.

I have followed the Appeon tutorial as outlined and cannot see why this would be happening.

Has anyone else experienced the same?

Is there a workaround or fix that anyone knows of or am I missing something?

I am demoing our Beta version next week to clients and it does not look good if we cannot include their logo as the app icon.

2. Appeon Workspace Security

One of the things the client is particularly keen on is securing the App and the data as it is using an offline DB. If a device is lost or stolen they want to ensure that the app cannot be accessed.

I have been reviewing and testing the AWS security settings in the AEM and it is quite easy to implement initially. A simple lockdown by AWS ID is ideal and seems to work well except in one scenario, which is the one most applicable.

Even when an AWS ID is excluded / disabled the user can still download/install the app in the AWS.

Scenario 1: when they try to run the app while connected via WIFI, they get the ‘Error code: 21003 – AWS ID is disabled in Appeon Server’ message and the APP will not load – GREAT!

Scenario 2: when they try to run the app while disconnected from WIFI, they get the ‘Couldn’t connect to server’ message, followed by ‘Failed to load application’ error and the APP will not load – again GREAT!

Now comes the kicker…

Scenario 3: when the app has been installed on the device when the AWS ID was originally allowed, the app installs and runs fine. In this case, if the device is lost/stolen we want to remove the AWS ID from the allowed users/groups in the AEM. So, I remove the Appeon Workspace Client from the assigned Group to disable the access and the APP throws the ‘Error code: 21003 – AWS ID is disabled in Appeon Server’ message, which seems OK, but then the app continues to load in offline mode and allows full access, either when connected or disconnected via Wifi!! – BAD, VERY BAD

The App will have a user PIN for each user to login to provide extra security, but surely the APPEON AWS / AEM security should be able to handle scenario 3 unless I am missing something.

All patched up with the latest version of Appeon and AWS.

Any thoughts,

Thanks as always,