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Jun 10, 2016 at 12:10 PM

Composite Provider does not cover complete MPRO Functionality ?


Hi All,

We have an Multiprovider where in we are using an Infoset in an Multiprovider and all the reports are based on this Multiprovider.

Now we want to develop this same scenrio on BW 7.4 SP12 on HANA with below strategy.

1) Create a Composite Provider with JOIN operation as a copy of the existing Infoset.

2) Use the CP created in Step 1 as a part provider in a New CP . The New CP will be based on UNION Operation.

On Paper the things look good, however there are 2 big limitations of a CP that we just realised .

1) The moment we create a new CP based on JOIN , the option "use this CP in another CP" becomes Inactive.

2) Union operation in a CP cannot have an underlying JOIN operation.

3) Union operation cannot contain HANA models generated from BW infoproviders

With the above limitations how can SAP say that CP covers all operations of a MPRO as clearly I cannot model the scenario "Infoset as part of MPRO" with a CP.

If someone has acheived a scneario similar to this can you please share the solution?

One option that I can see is that I use the Composite Provider based on the Infoset as a source of HAP and then load the data of the Infoset in an ADSO and use the ADSO the New CP. I am not sure if this is even possible.