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Jun 10, 2016 at 09:44 AM

Service Entry Sheet (SES) deletion and SES amount in PO history.


Dear all,

We have an issue with deletion of Service Entry Sheet (SES).

Normally when we post SES, the GR document (101) will be posted automatically. Also, when we revoke services, the reverse GR document (102) will be posted and GR amount will be nullified (zero). After this, if we delete SES, the SES amount will also become zero in PO history. If we didn’t delete SES, the amount in SES will remain same and can be seen in PO history tab.

Now, the problem we are facing is with amount in SES even after deleting SES. We have revoked services – so 102 got posted. After that we have deleted the SES, but the SES amount in PO history is NOT zero and it’s showing same value.

Now, how to make SES amount in PO history to ZERO? We can’t undelete SES to post it again. Can we directly update the SES amount at table level? If we do so any effect on FI postings? Please suggest us to make SES amount to ZERO.